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Griselda Barbosa

Griselda Barbosa was the recipient of the first HD-CARE Champion Award on on August 17, 2016.  Griselda has been a Champion for the HD community since the father of her children was diagnosed with HD.  Her son, Christian, and her grandson, Sebastian also inherited HD.  Sebastian passed away from Juvenile HD at the age of 16, but before passing away, he served as the HDSA-Orange County Jr. Ambassador.  Griselda became relentless in advocating for support of HD research.  She continued caring for her son, Christian, now in the late stages of HD.  

Her fight against HD transcends over her own fight with cancer.  Griselda is exemplary in the love and care that that she has shown her family, as well as the entire HD community.  HD-CARE is honored to bestow upon Griselda Barbosa the first HD-CARE Champion Award.